Good food

Our roots are all about the flavors and colors of typical Piedmont cuisine. Let us recommend the best restaurants / osterie / bistros in the capital of the Langhe.

Piedmont’s culinary tradition, known to many but with much still to be discovered, never ceases to amaze. This is why our area offers a variety of proposals, ranging from menus that stick to the “how it used to be” method to genuine reinventions of age-old tastes. Tonno di coniglio (“rabbit tuna”) can be served in a thousand different ways, and therein lies the beauty!

If you are intrigued by our “good taste”, be prepared to spend a lot of time checking out the local osterie, restaurants and bistros. From lunch to aperitifs and dinner, there is a dish for every occasion. Don’t pass up the chance to try the trio of “insalata russa, battuta di Fassona and vitello tonnato” (Russian salad, Fassona beef tartare and veal with tuna sauce) and tuck into the endless traditional appetizers, don’t forget to try the egg pasta and pasta parcels known as “plin”! Savor the meat main courses and end on a high note with dessert.

Some of the most popular experiences include:

  • Visit to the local Michelin-star restaurants.
    In addition to places recognized throughout Italy for their excellence, we cannot fail to mention Piazza Duomo, a multi-starred Michelin restaurant located in the heart of Alba.
  • Tour of the eno-osterie
    There are more than a few osterie in this area. Visiting them all is a good way to savor the delights of Piedmont cuisine in all its forms!
  • Traditional cooking classes
    Agnolotti, plin and tajarin require time, technique and dedication. Learning how to make them is a good way to appreciate the essence of a centuries-old tradition!
  • Street Food
    Don’t be taken in by the elegance of this area! There’s never a lack of street food here. An area that is home to major SlowFood communities, our hills are very often the site of important fairs and events related to this world. One of the most important is the “Cheese” fair in Bra.
  • Truffle hunting
    Immerse yourself in the essence of our territory: start an unprecedented treasure hunt. Let yourself be guided by the experience of those who carry on this tradition from generation to generation and know every secret. You will meet magical places, with a primordial charm. The search for the truffle will allow you to savor Piedmont right down to the root.