Visits and museums

Ours is a land steeped in history and tradition: every corner has an anecdote to tell!
Discover all the cultural activities in the area and find the one that stimulates your curiosity.

Alba is a small town with an immense heritage.

Famous the world over for its good wine, delicious food and stunning landscapes, it offers visitors a wide range of activities to find out more about the culture and lay of the land. From museums to visits to the rolling hills of the Langhe, the choice is truly vast!

If you are finding it hard to choose from all that Alba has to offer, here are some suggestions.


In addition to the town of Alba and its quaint historic center, the surrounding area – known as the Bassa Langa – is full of destinations envied the world over. There are two main areas which are divided into: the Barbaresco area, including Neive and Treiso, and the Barolo area with Serralunga, La Morra, Monforte and Grinzane Cavour, to name the most famous ones. Here, you will be able to immerse yourself in the well-kept countryside and experience the essence of Piedmont. Good wine and tradition will be the order of the day!

Notable attractions include:

  • The Barbaresco tower and the view from it.
  • Neive, all of it! Listed among the 10 most beautiful villages in Italy, it is well worth a visit.
  • The WIMU – Wine Museum and Faletti Castle in Barolo
  • The terrace and colorful Barolo Chapel designed by LeWitt and Tremlett in La Morra
  • Monforte’s historic center and the Roman amphitheater, famous for hosting the Monforte Jazz Festival from July to August.
  • The castle of Grinzane Cavour


There are many exhibition centers in Alba, some temporary and others designed to host wonderful museum exhibits every day of the year. The city has always invested in and promoted culture. Indeed, there is no shortage of initiatives aimed at both visitors and local residents. The choice is truly multifaceted and renowned for stimulating the curiosity of any visitor!

Here are just a few:

  • The Ferrero Foundation
    Home to unusual exhibitions renowned throughout the area, the Ferrero Foundation is often the home to exhibitions by major artists. The latest exhibition by Alberto Burri confirms this.
  • F. Eusebio Civic Museum
    It tells the story of Alba and its surroundings and organizes interesting sightseeing initiatives; one of the best-known is Underground Alba.
  • Alba Truffle Museum
    Home to the true protagonist of the city, it takes an in-depth look at its history and distinctive features.
  • Beppe Fenoglio Study Center
    A reliable reference point for history and literature, it has a historical library with about 2,000 volumes to safeguard the city’s book heritage.