The city of Alba, also known as the capital of the Langhe region for its privileged position right in the heart of the hills that every year welcome thousands of tourists from all over the world, is truly a point of convergence for wine and food at the international level. The precious White Alba Truffle and famous Langa and Roero wines, including the most famous Barolo, are local excellences appreciated around the world.
Alba Langhe Piemonte

The panoramas of the hills of Langhe and Roero, which recently became part of UNESCO World Heritage, are unforgettable. Our facility is located a few minutes from the most picturesque towns like Barolo, Barbaresco and Monforte d’Alba.

Alba, also recognized as “Medaglia d’Oro per la Resistenza” (literally, Gold Metal for Resistance) for its valor in Italy’s war of liberation, and masterfully described by the local writer Beppe Fenoglio, has a rich history. Founded in ancient times on the banks of the Tanaro river, it is the birthplace of the roman emperor Pertinace; it flourished in the medieval era and was named the “city of hundred towers”. Important ruins and traces of the past remain in the city, which can be visited during guided tours.
Today, numerous big companies and one multinational corporation are headquartered in Alba.